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We are the SMF Band Boosters Association.

Our purpose is to provide financial assistance to the bands; to promote an educationally sound, high quality band music program; to promote community interest in the school band programs; and to promote communication between the band directors, students, parents, and school administration. We are the volunteer work force that provides chaperones, band camp nurses, caretakers for the uniforms, and more!

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Meetings are the first Monday of each month, August - May, at 7:30 PM in the High School Band Room.

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Band Boosters - Who's Who

Stow-Munroe Falls Band Boosters Association
PO BOX 2454, Stow, OH 44224

Tina Valdez
SECRETARYAnnette Vanik
Melissa Bowers
Kristy Dugan
Julie Hurst
Senior Class Rep.Sally Phillips
Junior Class Rep.
Richelle Aukeman
Sophomore Class Rep.
Di Kuo
Freshman Class Rep.
Laura Stokes
Kimpton Rep.Amanda Holman
Technology Officer
Don Appleby


50/50 Raffle

Sell tickets for the 50/50 raffle at band events at Lakeview, Kimpton and the high school.

Time commitment: 2 hours per event
Dates of service: school year
Current co-chairs: Melissa Tokar and Mary Appleby


Witness the annual fiscal year audit conducted by a CPA with the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

Time commitment: approximately 2 hours
Dates of service: One evening in June or July
Current chair: Meilssa Bowers

Band Banquet

Produce the annual band banquet, including hiring a caterer, organizing ticket sales and coordinating set up, tear down and decorations.

Time commitment: 20-30 hours
Dates of service: February through May
Current chair: Tina Valdez

Band Camp

Chaperone students and coordinate activities at band camp, including set up, key distribution and key collection.

Time commitment: Extensive, including a full week at band camp
Dates of service: Summer
Current chairs: Gretchan Alimov

Band Patrons

Time commitment: 10 hrs /month
Dates of service: June – August
Current chair: Bob Brantsch

Band Show

Multiple functions related to the annual Marching Band Show, including publicity, ticket sales, set up, parking, concessions and ushering.

Time commitment: varies by committee
Dates of service: June through September
Current chair: Melissa & George Faluhelyi


Working in concession stands at Blossom Music Center to earn money for individual student accounts.

Time commitment: 6-8 hours per event
Dates of service: May – September
Current chairs: Melissa Bowers

Car Washes

Class representatives / Trustees in conjunction with student class representative to conduct a car wash.

Time commitment: 4-6 hours
Dates of service: August
Current chairs: Sally Phillips, Richelle Aukeman, Di Kuo, Laura Stokes


Supervise students, load/unload equipment and assist directors at band events, including football games (home and away), marching band shows and concert band competitions.

Time commitment: 6-8 hours per event
Dates of service: August – May
Current chair: Mark & Melissa Bowers


Work in the concession stands at home football games.

Time commitment: 4-6 hours per event
Dates of service: August – October
Current chair: Mike & Dawnya LaMantia

Drug Mart Cookout

Fundraising event held at Drug Mart the day before leaving for band camp. Secure supplies and coordinate details with Drug Mart. Cook hot dogs, pour soft drinks, and accept cash donations.

Time commitment: 4-6 hours
Dates of service: August
Current chair: Allyson Alsherifi

DVDs / Videos

Create and produce band recordings and coordinate their sale/distribution.

Time commitment: 20-30 hours
Dates of service: School year
Current chair: Don Appleby

End-of-Marching-Band Party

Chaperoning students and coordinating activities for the annual lock-in event at Life Center Plus.

Time commitment: 8 hours
Dates of service: December
Current chair: Mark Bowers

Kimpton Night Dinner

Providing a meal to the high school and Kimpton band members between the

Homecoming parade and the football game.
Time commitment: 5-10 hours
Dates of service: Homecoming game night
Current chair: Sally Phillips and Julie Hurst


Produce a quarterly newsletter for the band program.

Time commitment: 30-40 hours
Dates of service: school year
Current chair: Jennie O’Connell

Publicity / Social Media

Promote the band program to the community and oversee a platform to share information.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week
Dates of service: All year
Current chair: Dave Stofka


Select a recipient for the Band Parent Scholarship Award. Not open to parents of seniors.

Time commitment: 6 hours
Dates of service: March, April
Current chair: Jill Kolczynski

Spirit Wear

Sell band apparel at rehearsals and football games.

Time commitment: 30-40 hours
Dates of service: August through December
Current chair: Kim Goosby

Tag Day

Coordinate routes, drive students, or help count money.

Time commitment: 6-8 hours
Dates of service: May
Current chair: Laura Stokes, Sara Morrison, Christine Galperin


Maintain the equipment truck, make (or schedule) general repairs to the instrument storage sections, and coordinate maintenance and upkeep with the District.

Time commitment: 40 hours
Dates of service: June through October
Current chair: Mark Bowers


Help students find the right size uniform, provide alterations and repairs, gather and redistribute for mid-season dry cleaning, collect and inventory uniforms at the end of marching season.

Time commitment: 60 hours
Dates of service: August – December
Current chair: Tina Valdez

Ways and Means

Identify and oversee fundraising activities.

Time commitment: 20-30 hours
Dates of service: All year
Current chair: Kim Goosby


See that documents and other information are kept up to date on the band website.

Time commitment: 1 to 8 hours / month
Dates of service: All year
Current chair: Dave Stofka